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Interior ideas for a Spring lift

Interior ideas for a Spring lift

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and starting to feel the beginning of Spring. The warmer days, blooming buds and the sound of the birds are definitely a sign that it is well on its way. While many people will spring clean their wardrobes and swap out the heavy knits for lighter linens, the same can be done for your interiors. Here are some tips for lightening things up for the warmer months ahead.

Accessories with Seasonal Pieces

You don’t need to overhaul your paint scheme or modify your furniture to adapt to the seasons. There are lots of simple ways to change things up and accessorise are a great place to start. Swap out your winter cushions for more light and airy tones, update shelves with house plants, and remove the dark blankets in favour of pastel throws. My new collection of luxury merino wool throws is perfect for this.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Nothing says spring like a good scattering of fresh or faux flowers. Use seasonal florals around the home to add both colour and embrace the time of year. Tulips are very much in season throughout spring so why not pick some up and distribute them around the house for an instant lift. A great tip I recently learned is to put a copper coin into the vase with them to keep them upright for longer! 

Add New Tableware

Another easy way to make changes to your home for spring is in your kitchen. Keep a set of lighter coloured dishes and cups in storage to rotate when the seasons change. I love using all-white pieces throughout the year but I also love to see bright colourful plates and bowls in spring tabelscapes. Add in some colourful glassware and you are set for indoor and outdoor dining for spring and summer. I like these LSA International tumblers for €36 on

Swap out your candles

If your house has been adorned with cinnamon and gingerbread scented candles throughout the winter, you might want to consider changing things up with some light floral or citrus scented candles for spring. This will help set the mood for the months ahead. I love all candles by Herb Dublin, especially this Daffodil one.