Pillar Candle Tealight Holder 10 x 18cm

€49,00 €65,00

*10 x 18cm take Maxi Lights*

Designed and made in Germany, these incredible forever candles are the answer to every homeowners’ prayers. Made from the highest quality materials, these faux candles will stand tall and look perfect forever. There will be no wax melting down the sides, no damage done to your precious or unprotected surfaces. There is even a little hole at the bottom so that you can place them on a candle holder.

All you have to do is place a tea light into the top of the candle and enjoy the gentle flame without any of the mess left by a real pillar candle. The materials used look and feel like real wax. And best of all, the candle will extinguish itself once the tealight has burnt itself out.

They are also suitable for outdoor use, it’s a win win!

Height: 18cm

Diameter: 10cm