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5 Reasons to use Artificial Flowers

5 Reasons to use Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers are Long Lasting

Faux flowers and plants won’t wilt or droop and can be enjoyed for years with very little maintenance at all. They will look fresh all year long and can be placed anywhere unlike their real counterparts.

Faux Flowers are Hypoallergenic

Faux flowers are the best solution is you suffer from hay fever or any pollen related allergies. The flowers can be enjoyed without worrying about them having any adverse effects on you or your guests. This makes them the perfect alternative for workplace receptions, salons and medical practices.  


They’re Maintenance Free

Faux flowers are pretty much maintenance free. A real flower arrangement requires you to change the water, cut the stems, feed them, pick up the fallen petals…the list goes on. All our faux flowers can be lightly blown with a hairdryer on a cool setting every once in a while, to remove any dust. A wipe with a clean cloth or baby wipe also does the job.

Pet Friendly

Fresh flowers and plants can be extremely poisonous to cats and dogs. Our furry animals can be very inquisitive and will want to play with and chew flowers and as we can’t watch him them all the time this is the last thing we want. You can rest assured that our fabulous faux flowers look as good as fresh but will not harm your beloved pets.

Cost Effective

Faux flowers might seem an expensive outlay but in the long term they will save you a lot of money. Real flowers can be expensive and will only last about a week. An artificial alternative will cost you once and can be enjoyed for years!