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Why go Faux?

Why go Faux?

Why Go Faux?

I am not a florist, though I do adore flowers. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I always had fresh flowers around the place from the moment we moved in. In our last house I was the same. As soon as Spring came, I’d be putting fresh blooms in every corner to add a splash of colour and life to the place. This new house is bigger though and I also now have two small children so time is of the essence for me. I still love fresh flowers but with the heat in this house, maintaining them was becoming a daily chore. Plus, it was killing me to see a fresh bunch just wither after a couple of days. That is when I started buying some faux flowers. Oh and what a joy it became to wake up everyday and guess what, they were still “fresh”!

When you think of faux flowers you’re probably thinking about all those hideously fake looking ones that were around years ago. Nowadays, Faux Flowers are bang on trend and the botanical look is everywhere. Interior designers are using them in every project and for good reason. They have become an inexpensive way to style the home and bring a layer of elegance to a room. They are of such good quality that you would literally have to touch them to see if they are in fact artificial.

Since deciding to bring these incredibly life like blooms to the market, my home is adorned with them and I love it. The entrance hall has the beautiful “Green Elegance” bouquet. I have split the “Green with Envy” luxury arrangement into two and have the meadow fresh stems on my dining table and the main floral stems in a vase on the island. My living room has peonies which I literally just admire every time I look down there. And best of all, there is no maintenance with any of them!


What’s the cost?

So maybe you are thinking about bringing some faux flowers into your home, but you are unsure of how much they will set you back. Any high quality, life like arrangement is going to be €85+ which may seem expensive but isn’t that close to what you would pay for a fresh bouquet that will last the best part of a week. Going faux is so cost effective.

Tips for buying Faux Flowers

  1. There are so many faux flowers on the market but all I will say is please buy the best you can afford. Many of the big box stores will have them too but most of them look as fake as those of yesteryear did. I always say, “if you buy cheap, you’ll buy twice” and trust me I say this from experience. A lot of the “bargains” I have picked up over the years have not stood the test of time and I have ended up at a loss. This applies to anything. Think less fast fashion and more sustainability.


  1. If budget is an issue, you can always buy a few stems and mix in some real foliage.


  1. Change up your arrangements each season to keep them “fresh” looking and more convincing. Move them to another room or change the vase so you get extra mileage out of them.


  1. Single stem arrangements can make a real statement. Add 18-24 stems to a large vase to make a real head turner.


  1. If you want your stems to look even more realistic in a clear vase then add water. WARNING: if the wire on the stem is exposed paint over the exposed stem with clear nail varnish to prevent rusting.

I have spent a lot of time searching for the best artificial flowers available and I promise you these are incredibly lifelike. They are by no means cheap, but again you get what you pay for and I hope if you do treat yourself to a few stems or an arrangement that you will agree.


Laura x