Blue Stripe Lampshade 35cm


This beautiful Indian Hand Block Printed Pleated Cotton Lampshade is a great way to add a splash of colour and character to your home décor. Inspired by traditional Indian designs, the shade is meticulously crafted using a centuries-old hand block printing technique, where an artisan chisels shapes the desired patterns onto wooden blocks and then hand presses them onto the fabric.

In a navy blue and white stripe design, this lampshade effortlessly brings an airy, coastal vibe to any room. They fit most standard size lamp bases and work perfectly for table lamps, bedside lamps, or standalone light fixtures.

One of the key characteristics of hand block printed items is that no two are the same. Each lampshade is truly one of a kind, as the handmade nature of the printing process creates slight variations in colour, texture, and print, making each piece uniquely beautiful.

This lampshade doesn’t just illuminate your space – it adds an authentic Indian touch and a story of rich tradition and skilled craftsmanship. So why settle for a plain, mass-produced shade when you can enhance your lighting with this unique, handcrafted piece? Illuminate your home with style, charm, and a dash of exotic appeal.

Dimensions: W: 35cm x H: 24cm