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The Irish Country Home Luxury Faux Flower Arrangements

The Irish Country Home provides the finest luxury faux floral arrangements available. Hand made with love in our Meath studio, our artificial flowers and bouquets are made from the best fabrics available to ensure the most realistic, natural look. We believe that little additional layers like faux flowers, plants, and home accessories make a house a home. Enjoy the beauty of faux florals for years to come with little or no maintenance.



Embrace the Beauty of Autumn with Artificial Flowers

Embrace the Beauty of Autumn with Artificial Flowers

Autumn is a season marked by vibrant colors and a sense of warmth and cosiness. It’s a time when nature transforms into a picturesque scene, with leaves changing colours and shedding gracefully from trees. One way to capture and magnify the beauty of this season is by incorporating artificial flowers into your home decor.Artificial flowers have come a long way in recent years, with advancements...

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Our Why...

Our Why...

  I love flowers. I do. But my new build, highly energy efficient home…not so much. I have always been that girl who cannot pass the florist without a deep inhale and a flurry of thoughts about how many of the arrangements I’d like to bring home. And to some degree I still experience those feelings and emotions whenever I am near fresh floral delights....

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5 Reasons to use Artificial Flowers

5 Reasons to use Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers are Long Lasting Faux flowers and plants won’t wilt or droop and can be enjoyed for years with very little maintenance at all. They will look fresh all year long and can be placed anywhere unlike their real counterparts. Faux Flowers are Hypoallergenic Faux flowers are the best solution is you suffer from hay fever or any pollen related allergies. The flowers can...

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