About Us


The Irish Country Home presents some of the most exquisite luxury faux flowers on the market today. Each bouquet, arrangement and plant has been carefully selected and hand made to look unbelievably realistic so that you can enjoy that fresh flower look day after day.

Why go faux? Because, if like me you have a well-insulated home and find keeping fresh blooms alive in a heated environment, you’ll know the heartbreak of maintaining them day after day until you end up throwing them out!

My mantra has always been “quality over quantity”, and” If you buy cheap, you’ll buy twice”, which has never been truer in a world of fast fashion etc. That is why you will only find the highest quality stems and arrangements at The Irish Country Home. I want you to love your luxury blooms day after day, month after month and will continue to source the best stems I can find for you. 

Faux flowers have come a long way since the dust covered plastic versions of times gone by. Now you can enjoy colourful hues year long without the continues upkeep. I hope you will find the perfect blooms for you and if there is something else you are looking for then drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Laura x