About Us



I love flowers. I do. But my new build, highly energy efficient home…not so much. I have always been that girl who cannot pass the florist without a deep inhale and a flurry of thoughts about how many of the arrangements I’d like to bring home. And to some degree I still experience those feelings and emotions whenever I am near fresh floral delights.


I could no longer justify spending money regularly on fresh blooms that the heat would see wither in a couple of days. On top of that, I have many places in my home that florals elevate and I want to be able to enjoy them for longer than a week. Enter faux flowers. My search for quality artificial blooms was the ‘AHA’ moment in where my career path was going next. I had a new build home that I wanted to furnish with some beautiful flowers and I knew that other new build homeowners would have similar problems once they realised that heat + fresh cut flowers = no bueno! And so, The Irish Country Home was born.

To me, faux flowers are as much a piece of the home décor as the photo frame or a pretty rug. They add colour, texture and provide another layer of what makes a house a home. I love to create ‘fresh’ but faux bouquets that will fill that purpose and give my customer another reason to smile day after day.

And what about the maintenance I hear you ask? Well, that is minimal. An occasional blast of a hairdryer on low heat or a gentle wipe with a damp cloth will do the job nicely. When I say occasional, I am talking once a year, max.

So, there you have it, imagine getting to enjoy seasonal blooms all year long with little to no maintenance that will always be at their best and are allergy free for your human and pet friends. It’s a win win! I hope you find something that you will love and cherish for years to come.

Laura x