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Creating a Beautiful Bathroom

Creating a Beautiful Bathroom


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying the good weather. Today we are talking bathrooms. This is probably one of the easiest rooms to style well and one that can be refreshed quite easily. It's amazing what a few accessory updates can do to make a room feel fresh and up to date. Here are some of my tips to give your bathroom a new lease of life.

New Towels   

Sometimes it's the small details that make the most noticeable difference, and when it comes to the simple luxuries in life, the perfect, lush towel is at the top of the list. Investing in good towels will not only make your space look better but it will make your showering or bathing experience a whole lot better. I like to go for towels that are at least 500gsm or higher as I know they will last a lifetime but will also feel great against my skin. Arnotts offers Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels that are made from 700GSM twisted Egyptian-cotton with prices starting at €6.


Update your Handwashing Area

Since Covid hit we are all a lot more aware of our handwashing routines. What better way to make the experience more inviting than adding pretty handwashing accessories like a pretty soap, fresh hand towels, and even a pretty hand sanitizer bottle! To create an even more hygienic area, try rolling up your hand towels and styling them in a basket for use. I have recently added the beautiful Meraki brand to my website and it is not only a functional hand wash but it also looks great and smells amazing! You can pick it up at theirishcountryhome.com from just €17


Add some Greenery or Florals

Adding real or artificial greenery to any space brings it to life and that includes bathrooms. I love to style pretty faux florals or a plant on my sink countertop to add a bit of natural colour to the room and give it some extra texture. If space is an issue on your sink area, then consider mounting some shelves where you can add your florals and even store your bathroom products. Again, there are lots of options for faux florals on theirishcountryhome.com with prices starting from €19.95



I am a big fan of wallpaper in a bathroom. It’s a simple way to make an impact, especially in rooms which are usually quite small. It's also a good way to divert the eyes from any unattractive features you may want to hide. There are some really amazing wallpapers on the market these days so why not check them out and infuse some fun into a room that would typically be the most boring space in the home. I put some beautiful Thibaut wallpaper in my downstairs bathroom and it is one of my favourite rooms in the house. wallpapermyhome.com have a huge selection of wallpapers both classic and contemporary so will suit all styles. Prices start from €20

For any interior styling questions email me at hello@theirishcountryhome.com

Laura x